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Benefit from Gaming!

BranBrosia Entertainment - Game Design & Development
BrainBrosia Gaming-Suite

BrainBrosia Gaming-Suite
The technical basis for engagement and enthusiasm!

The BrainBrosia Gaming-Suite offers a unique software solution: reusable, tested gaming modules as a technical engagement framework and service platform.

The Gaming-Suite enables efficient, customer-specific gamification and gaming implementations with important and innovative gaming functionalities "out-of-the-box", while maintaining high flexibility for individual gaming implementations.

BrainBrosia Gaming-Suite
BranBrosia Entertainment - Game Design & Development

BrainBrosia Gamification Guide
Benefit from Gaming!

Fun... enthusiasm... and engagement - game design never sleeps on BrainBrosia Island! Whether it's gamification of business applications, gamified communication, education, change management, or lifestyle improvement - we fulfill our "Benefit from Gaming" mission and help companies to be more successful!

Gamification Guide (German)
BrainBrosia Gamification Guide, Gaming Guide
BranBrosia Entertainment - Game Design & Development


We design and develop “Value-Added Games“, Gamification and “Gamified Solutions” that develop, motivate and inspire people in a sustainable way!

We are a young independent game design and development studio located in the center of Vienna. Our office is located in Zedlitzgasse, between Stephansdom and Stadtpark.

Our team has years of experience and skills in IT consulting and implementation. We cover the entire range of game design, development, gamification, art/graphic design, audio, and production.

We develop solutions for nearly all platforms: desktop (PC/Windows, Mac), mobile (iOS, Android), and even game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia).

We primarily use the Unity game engine.

The name "BrainBrosia" is a combination of "Brain" and "Ambrosia", and symbolizes the promotion of the brain through our games or approaches to using gaming:

The English word "Brain" is self-explanatory for brain, and in a broader sense, it refers to the entire mind and personality.

"Brosia" is shortened from "Ambrosia". In Greek mythology, "Ambrosia" is the food of the gods - the elixir of life - which makes the gods immortal and strong.

Entertainment and the games / gamified solutions of BrainBrosia are designed to divinely entertain you while strengthening and training your brain and personality. We see our games and our gaming approaches as "brainfood" for your personal development - without any calories.

BrainBrosia Brainy
Game Image Karibik
Graphic Game
Graphic Game Schiff, Küste

Experience Exciting Value-Added Games!

  • In our games, the gray matter is trained unnoticed, new skills are acquired, or your personality is further developed. All this happens unnoticed, without stress or pressure.
  • Our focus is to provide a genuine gaming experience, with gameplay at the center. We do not see ourselves as "educational game developers," our goal is to provide entertainment that adds value to your experience.
  • The added value varies depending on the game and may involve improving observational skills, logical thinking/combining, personal development, simulation, or even expanding knowledge.
  • We are fascinated by the playful explanation of complex topics and the simple communication and experience of tricky scientific information.

Digital Innovation and Creativity

Our Portfolio

Game Image Hafen Karibik, Mystery

GAME Design- und Development


We design and develop creative, exciting, and often story-based computer games that offer more than just fun. Our focus is on providing excitement and enjoyment, as well as opportunities for personal growth and development.


Whether through the game's story, puzzles, or simulations, our approach is to train knowledge, skills, and abilities, and to achieve desired behavioral changes.


Studies have shown that many adults are ashamed of the time they waste on meaningless computer games. We aim to put an end to this by making gaming a valuable leisure activity.

Game Graphic Design, Illustration, 2D Art, 3D Modelling

GRAPHIC Design / Illustrations
Digital worlds & stories for your business!

In addition to the artistic design of BrainBrosia Games, we also offer 2D and 3D graphic design and illustrations for your business.


Speak to your customers or employees in an innovative and unique way, and present your products or company in a different world or in a different form - whether as a game, movie, poster, website, etc.

Create virtual worlds using AR (Augmented Reality) or VR (Virtual Reality) and bring your products to life for your customers in a realistic way.


We also provide graphic design services for apps/applications, branding/logos, corporate design, books, websites, events, flyers, infographics, advertisements/social media ads, and other marketing and communication materials.

Gamification, Serious Games - Motivation, Engagement, Results für Kunden und Mitarbeiter

Consulting and Development Gamification & Serious Games

We provide B2B business customers with advice on the use of game design approaches and gaming elements in their company.


In addition to our game design and implementation skills, we use scientifically proven gamification, engagement strategies, and frameworks based on behavioral science and motivation theories.


Our gamified solutions motivate people sustainably, move them, and lead to behavioral changes or a high return on investment (ROI).


Whether it's in marketing, sales, PR, HR, eLearning, product experiences, applications/apps, or social engagement, we enable companies to optimize motivation and usage behavior in innovative ways to achieve their business goals.


Let's gamify your business!

Gamification Guide -
Benefit from Gaming! (German)
Ausbildung Gaming Business - Game Art, Production, Design, Development, Business

Trainings / courses in the field of gaming business

We offer intrinsically motivated education at the highest technical level!


In cooperation with schools and universities of applied sciences, we offer interdisciplinary training in the field of game design and development.


We provide young people and gaming enthusiasts with the opportunity to learn about technology and creativity in an exciting way!


Our training includes game design, development, art, production, and business aspects.


The competencies of the games industry are also in demand in other industries, such as cutting-edge software development, complex project management, experts in motivation, engagement & usability, creative game & gamification design, and graphic preparation.

Evaluation Validue-Added-Games

Innovation, Research & Development
Value-Added Games

Innovative, novel approaches for implementing value-added games.

Scientific evaluation of innovative approaches for value-added games.

Analysis of opportunities and user feedback for actively shaping entertaining and effective "next-generation games".

Let's make more out of gaming together!

Benefit  From Gaming!

Let's make Gaming a smart Hobby!

Our value added games, don't feel like a learning task "in a new guise", but are really fun.


Innovative game design, interesting genre mixes and content tailored to the target audience entertain at a high level.


Similar to an exciting historical thriller, where you can also learn a lot without even realizing it!


Play with niveau!

Let's Gamify your Business!

Using game design approaches and game elements in a non-gaming context, for example, to address and excite employees or customers in innovative ways.


Applications include promoting behavior change in the population (health, environment, education, public welfare), marketing and customer engagement, HR (hiring, staff development, training), and employee engagement (sales, HR).


Virtual worlds with AR and VR also offer companies new ways to reach customers innovatively and remotely with their own products.


Harness the power of play!

Let's learn Game-Design & Development!

We use the enthusiasm for video games among young girls and boys, students, and other interested individuals to intrinsically motivate them towards technology, project management, and design tasks.


By taking a behind-the-scenes look at game development, they build deep knowledge in programming, game design, art, project management, and relevant business skills throughout their education. This allows a new, previously non-tech-savvy segment to develop in-demand IT and design competencies in the market.


Technology that inspires!

Let`s innovate Gaming and make Next-Generation Games

Scientifically grounded and in close coordination with players and users, we evaluate new game approaches specifically designed for knowledge transfer and the development of new skills and abilities.


The right balance between gaming fun and educational content, as well as various approaches to conveying and training, are at the heart of this.


Let's change gaming!


We are constantly expanding our workforce and are also interested in expanding our freelancer network or finding new cooperation partners!

JOBS at BrainBrosia

Brainy & Brosy

Game Design and Development means interdisciplinary Collaboration in Teams

BrainBrosia is a young company in the start-up and growth phase, which offers diverse career opportunities for applicants.

Currently, we are particularly interested in applicants with different levels of experience in the following areas:

    • Unity Development
    • C#
    • Programmers or computer scientists
    • Art Design 3D
    • Art / Graphic Design 2D

We also welcome applications from interns or students with experience in Unity or digital art backgrounds.

Please also contact us as a freelancer and potential cooperation partner with your interests and skills.

Brief overview of game design and development tasks and roles (in German):

Please send your application to: info(at)
Please provide a clear subject line!

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