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The technical Basis for Engagement and Enthusiasm!

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BrainBrosia Gaming-Suite

The BrainBrosia Gaming-Suite offers a unique software solution: reusable, tested gaming modules as a technical engagement framework and service platform.

The Gaming-Suite enables efficient, customer-specific gamification and gaming implementations with important and innovative gaming functionalities “out-of-the-box“, while maintaining high flexibility for individual gaming implementations.

BranBrosia Entertainment - Game Design & Development

The BrainBrosia Gaming Suite ensures successful implementation of comprehensive games and gamification solutions!

Why should You use the BrainBrosia Gaming Suite?

Impressive experiences for your customers and/or employees!

Vorteile BrainBrosia Gaming-Suite

The BrainBrosia Gaming Suite enables building professional games and gamification solutions that go beyond simple "Badges, Points & Leaderboards" and have real impact!

Comprehensive, high-quality games or engagement solutions with many different components can be built for customers with significantly less effort, customized to their needs!

This maximizes success, reduces costs, provides security, and speeds up implementation.

With the BrainBrosia Gaming Suite, you don't start "from scratch", but rather use proven components! At the same time, the solution offers extensive freedom to build truly individual and completely different solutions.

BrainBrosia Gaming-Suite

BrainBrosia Gaming-Suite

  • The BrainBrosia Gaming Suite provides technical functionalities "out-of-the-box" that are necessary in every game. This allows developers to focus on truly outstanding game/gamification design and receive support and ideas for promising gamification opportunities.
  • The gaming suite supports the development of new applications (games and gamification) or extends existing applications with gamification components.
  • Depending on the application scenario, the gaming suite can be used for standalone applications (e.g., directly in a Unity app) or integrated as a service platform via a cloud environment (web API).
  • The gaming suite offers 4 comprehensive modules:
    - Stories & Information Management
    - Progress Management & Achievements
    - Object & Resource Management
    - User Management & Communication
  • The gaming suite also enables easy integration of various complementary game mechanics.
  • In addition to the technical components, BrainBrosia provides complementary assets such as graphics, 3D models, animations, sound, music, UI components, and so-called prefabs that connect the graphical and technical components of the gaming suite. These are further productivity boosters for implementations.
BrainBrosia Gaming-Suite - Story Modul

Stories- & Information-Management

Designing and managing stories, characters, environments, dialogues, and other texts. Telling exciting adventures.

Storytelling and virtual worlds made easy!

BrainBrosia Gaming Suite - Fortschritt Modul

Progress-Management & Achievements

Scores, progress measurements, exciting tasks and rewards, comparability, and achievements.

Necessary for almost every game or gamification!

BrainBrosia Gaming Suite - Objekt Modul

Object- & Resource-Management

Management of various virtual resources and items, inventory, buying and selling.

Tactical ecosystems and exciting game loops!

BrainBrosia Gaming Suite - User Modul

User-Management & Communication

Player management, avatar management, and the ability to compare and communicate with other players.

Secure multiplayer environments and long-term motivation!

BrainBrosia also offers graphical and UI extensions, as well as "package assets" for the Gaming Suite, which enable even more efficient implementation.

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